Nunu, a Spaniard who fell in love with California, is a professional photographer due to her lifelong love of photography, but is quite sure that she was born to be a writer. Ever since she learned how to write at age four, writing has been a constant in her life, expressing herself through poems, interviews, translations and songwriting.

Nunu has been writer/producer and SCREENWRITER for the two most important Spanish-language networks in the United States: first for TELEMUNDO and then for UNIVISION; her show earning an Alma Award nomination.Her prolific career and in-depth knowledge of the Latin entertainment world make her a valuable asset to companies targeting the booming Hispanic market. As a hispanic market CONSULTANT, she has worked for many companies such as MUNDOFOX and as a casting consultant for networks like ESTRELLA TV.

Bold and daring, she ventured into the world of literature with NIMAGAI, her first book, which was critically acclaimed and will someday be made into a feature film. Nunu has also collaborated as a ghost writer for several successful books. Today, her articles on lifestyle and current affairs can also be read on her BLOG and on various media outlets.

Her career as a PHOTOGRAPHER started in Madrid with the world renowned ¡HOLA! Magazine. In her fifteen-year and ongoing career with HOLA, her features have been published in most of the magazine’s editions around the world. Her celebrity portraits have found an outlet in many other prestigious publications as well, such as Vogue Magazine.

Nunu is always involved in every aspect of photo production –- from concept development to locations as well as styling, editing and post-production.Always busy creating, she is currently working on several different projects. Thanks for your visit and come back soon to check on our updates. To enquire about her services, please write to