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My Venezuelan friend Róndine Alcalá is considered one of the top three Latin publicists in the United States.  Her professional obligations made her decide to leave her Los Angeles base to move to Miami.  Always on the go because of her job, after many round-the-world trips, Miami was the most reasonable option.  Luckily for us, Ron visits L.A. fairly often.  On countless occasions the artists she manages attend the many events, presentations, concerts and awards shows that are held in the capital city of entertainment… And here she is today, once again running after celebrities who have graced the latest red carpet, ensuring that her artists give their best image of themselves for us, simple mortals.

We know that everyday life is complicated, and if one thinks of the celebrities’ entourages and the endless intricate dealings of the entertainment industry, it all becomes sort of a Molotov cocktail of which only a very lucky few come out unhurt.   Ron is one of those lucky few; those of us who know her well and have had the fortune of working with her, know that she is a very honest person with a healthy dose of common sense and a good heart –three qualities that added to unceasing hard work make her a extremely valuable for the industry, especially Latin singers, who are her specialty.  She has been a key player in the international careers of performers such as Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Alborán, Natalia Lafourcade, Laura Pausini, Jesse & Joy, Miguel Bosé… To name but a few.  Once the stress of the big events in which she plays the boss, my “Super Ron” relaxes and we get together to share anecdotes and laugh at every little thing.

Taking advantage of her latest trip to Los Angeles, we decided to meet up for a hike in Malibu and –yes!  Madame arrives wearing high heels, as she is that kind of lady!  With an ear-to-ear grin she reassures me “don’t worry, I can walk perfectly well in them” –though she almost falls down at the first steps we come across with.  I am unfazed and decide to let it go as I don’t get to see her that often; otherwise, I would strangle her, our hike is ruined.

I asked her a few questions about Los Angeles to share with you, my Blog De Los Angeles readers.  Here are her answers:

Ron, do you miss Los Angeles?

Of course!  L.A. was my home for ten years and I get nostalgic when I think of this city.  I feel it more in tune with my taste and style than any other city in the United States.   There are many nice memories; I miss my friends, the times I shared with them at different restaurants and cafes, hiking –and Coffee Bean!  We don’t have it in Miami.  Among many other things, I miss the Malibu sunsets.

What do you like most about LA and why?

The countless things you can do here:  The beach, the mountains, every type of entertainment, wonderful places to visit  –both in the city and the surrounding areas… In my case, and since music is my passion, one of the things I love most about LA is the possibility of going to amazing concerts everyday if you so desire.  Mi favorite venues are the Hollywood Bowl and the Microsoft Theater.

What do you like the least?


If you had to identify with one area of LA, which would it be?

I have lived all over:  Studio City, Redondo Beach, Hollywood, Beverly Hills… they are all charming.  If I were to return to LA, I am not sure what area I would choose; it would be a matter of finding which one goes well with my personality and what my life is like at the moment.

Which has been your favorite red carpet moment?

That is a very difficult question to answer, as there are many years of memories to look back on to.  Everything has happened; as you can imagine, both good and bad things.  The one constant of every red carpet is total mayhem, both for the artist and for those who work along with them.  Fairly recently, something really beautiful happened… In the middle of the chaos and intensity of the moment, with nerves on peak and among the excited cries of the fans and media present, one of my clients suddenly grabbed my hand and, while I turned to look at him, told me –looking directly into my eyes, “everything you see here now, all these people who know me and call my name, that the media wants to interview me, I owe it to you, to your work and dedication to my project.   Thank you!”   He hugged me and we continued to work.  It is something that has stuck to me and fills me with satisfaction.  In our line of work, you are always working and it is sort of a thankless job.  That is the plain truth, but when someone shows you their gratitude and that they value your work, it feels you with more energy to continue on working for them –since their success is my happiness.


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Translated by Wendell Figueroa

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