There is cozy little place in West Hollywood, on Melrose Avenue, just a few steps from the Vivianne Westwood boutique and right across from that of Alexander McQueen.  It is there that for a few years now the delicate palates of the chicest Hollywood celebrities get their sweet fixes.

Even before Oprah Winfrey included it in her list of favorite places last year, they already had a bevy of loyal celebrity clients like Denise Richards, Sharon Osbourne, Demi Moore, Kobe Bryant, “The Boss” and many more…  For instance, this little shop created the cake for Jennifer Anniston’s fortieth birthday celebration.  Celebrity kids like Suri Cruise celebrate their birthdays with one of their delicious cakes.  Power couples like Jennifery López and Marc Anthony have ordered their wedding cakes and many other sweet delicacies from this delicious bakery whose creations have been flown via private plane to faraway lands for grand and exclusive shindigs.

The bestseller and most request creation is the vegan red velvet, but I die for the dulce de leche cake.

If you want to learn more about Sweet Lady Jane, succumb to sweet temptation and even order online, you can find all the necessary information here:

Sweet Lady Jane

Sweet Lady Jane Bakery Nunu Pictures 1
Photo of the cozy little paradise for those with a keen sweet tooth, Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose Avenue.
There are barely three or four tables at this bakery.  Customers usually order in advance and pass by to pick the order up.  It is a delightful place to make a pit stop if you are on a shopping spree around Melrose place
The struggle begins here and your palate starts to fog your thinking process and anti-carb reasonings.
Red Velvet Sweet Lady Jane Nunu Pictures
Most people order this.
Dulce de leche cake sweet lady jane nunu pictures
What I would order.
Mexican Wedding Cookies Sweet Lady Jane Nunu Pictures
What I am about to order. It´s just common sense. The last thing I need is the excuse of writing a blog to submit to my food cravings!  God help me!
Jasmine Tea Mexican Wedding Cookie Sweet Lady Jane Nunu Pictures
My jasmine tea and my little peccadillo, since I must order something!  The Mexican Wedding was more than I expected –it melts in your mouth and my  eyes fill with tears of joy…. Now I want to order a pound to go.
Steve McQueen Melrose Sweet Lady Jane Window Nunu Pictures
Then I look out the window and see the Alexander McQueen boutique and remember sizes……I have an awakening and the cravings go away. Let´s see for how long!

If you want to learn more about Sweet Lady Jane, succumb to sweet temptation and even order online, you can find all the necessary information here:

Sweet Lady Jane

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Text/Photos: Nunu para NUNUPICTURES

Translated by Wendell Figueroa

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